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Sub in One

Streamline Your Subscriptions & Help You To Save

Project Overview

It’s hard to keep track of all the products and services that we subscribe to each month. All we see is money deducted from our accounts for services that we might not even need or want anymore.

Sub In One is a product that keeps track of all of your subscription fees on websites, apps, services, etc. over the years.   Sub In One has only launched a desktop-only website that is not mobile-friendly and now needs to create a mobile version of its product that can be used by a broader audience.


Create a mobile-friendly version of the product will increase their market reach.


  • Create a user-friendly mobile app interface for a subscription management tool, to improve user efficiency and minimize repetitive tasks.

  • Simultaneously, empower users to save on unnecessary expenses.


  • Simple and clean user interface design

  • Streamlining the onboard progress.

  • Update & deal Alert


  • Researcher

  • Wireframe

  • User Flow

  • UI/UX Design

  • Popular subscription services come with brand logos for easy recognition.

  • Users have extensive control, customizing alerts for multiple contacts, alert days, and frequency.

  • Save time with preset alert profiles that can be applied across services.

  • The basic version is free.

Prefer Another Solution
  • Low loading speed.

  • Icons are confusing.

  • Too many action levels make the journey too complex to achieve.

  • Too many small details user need to input.

Competitive Analysis - 1

Track My Sub


Competitive Analysis - 2

​Rocket Monkey

  • A password is required every time you enter the app, establishing a sense of security and trust.

  • It could capture subscriptions from bank statement history and fetch detailed information.

  • The single interface page is clean and well-organized.

  • Provide direction when users want to cancel a subscription.

Prefer Another Solution
  • Users have to link bank account information when they start using it; it is secure but also creates a high barrier to use.

  • Overwhelming banking managing feature; hard to find where to manage subscriptions.

  • Take too much time to figure out how to use it.

Competitive Conducting Survey & Interview
& Affinity Map

After analyzing the competitive app in the market, I interviewed 4 people aged 28 to 45 and tried to find the answer to the following question. 

  1. What are the struggles or annoying when people deal with their subscription.

  2. How can the user experience of a subscription dashboard be optimized to save users more energy in managing their subscriptions.

  3. People's willingness to link their bank accounts to apps.

  4. User’s expectation of subscription and finance management app

affinity map_edited.jpg


  1. People do not remember all the payment due dates.

  2. People always procrastinate to cancel their unwanted subscriptions because they cannot spend 5 mins right away to complete it.

  3. People need some hints to recall what services they are currently using.

  4. People may miss some updates or deals on the subscription they are not usually open.


  5. Associate bank accounts with a third party will create a high barrier for users to enter. 

  6. People wish to see the total subscription spending and reduce unnecessary spending.



Based on the collected information, the highest priority function for this app is managing subscriptions and assisting users in canceling subscriptions.


Additionally, to provide users with a more comprehensive subscription management experience and achieve the goal of saving money for users, I have incorporated significant discount promotions (year-end sale, additional free service with third-party popular service, etc) and reminders for user agreement updates. This ensures that users do not miss out on merchants' discount activities or benefits.

Furthermore, we have added a feature for comparing similar products(subscription). Utilizing the app's user database, we analyzed the proportion of users using various similar products. This information offers users insights into alternative merchants or plans, helping them make informed choices.


Final Product

Landing Page

Provide a brief overview of the Sub in One App and introduce what the user will accomplish while using our app.


Clarify that our service will assist users:

  • Track their Subscriptions & those Spends

  • Deal reminder & important update

  • Tailor users' budget

<<< Click to see demo


Popular Subscription |Recognition instead of recall

  • Popular subscription list to remind users what they can add to their dashboard.

  • Brand color and logo can aid users in quicker recognition.

Easy to connect

  • User could connect to their account to fetch their subscription status

  • The most common plan information would listed automatically.  Users could quickly check and edit a few of the information as needed. This prevents users from doing repeating work.


Customize settings & control

  • Users are allowed to create customized content.

  • Users could input and edit details about their subscriptions.

<<< Click to see demo

Cancel & More Features

Cancel direction |Save user time to look for the canceling page

  • Re-direct users to the right page to unsubscribe.

  • Users can decide on a cancel reminder time if they cannot make it immediately.

Reminder & notification | Keep users updated

  • Notified users of the change and update about their plan.

  • Great deal Reminder.

  • Avoid being like a Newsletter.

  • CTA button link to the associated site.


User Analyze Result | Alternative choice & plan

  • Showcase the usage result of some popular services base on our app data base.

  • Offers users insights into alternative merchants or plans, helping them make informed choices.

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