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Obesity is a serious issue affecting both our physical and mental health, particularly among younger age groups. Sun Meal app aims to assist families and individuals in adopting healthy eating habits, while also fostering cultural and nutritional learning during meal preparation.

Our platform allows families to easily customize recipes, cook nutritious meals, and access valuable nutrition information. We envision a world where every child and family has the knowledge and tools to create nutritious meals tailored to their preferences and dietary needs.

Project Scope

Self- directed End-to-end project with feedback from mentor

My Role

UX Designer (Research, Visual Design, Prototype, User Testing)

Time Frame

Aug. 2023 - Nov. 2023


Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Miro

 1. Discover


SUNMEAL was inspired by a non-profit children's nutrition education program called "Chinese Heritage and Identity Through Food And Nutrition Program," which I co-founded with nutritionists. We have been running this program since August 2022. Our intention is to assist children and youth in enhancing their self-awareness, recognizing cultural diversity, and encouraging parents and families to incorporate nutrition knowledge into their daily lives.

While gathering materials from parents and children and developing the curriculum with nutritionists, I noticed that US has one of the highest rates of obesity and related chronic diseases.


US has one of the highest rates of obesity and related chronic diseases.



Help people address their dietary habits on a daily basis, aiming for a healthy, long-term impact.


Survey & Interview

I sent out a survey and conducted interviews with six people.

Interviewees‘ family structures include a mother from a multigenerational family with grandparents and children, a father from a family with parents and children, a young professional working in the city, and a parent of an overweight child.

I extracted the key content from the survey and used the Affinity Mapping method to organize the findings into groups. 

Affinity Diagram 

Affinity Mapping .jpg


Desktop - 14.jpg
Desktop - 15.jpg



Flow 1 - Landing


Flow 2 - Look up recipes & Add to shopping list


Flow 3 - Generate recipes


High Fidelity

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Flow 1 - Landing Process

  • User Learn about the concept of the apps.

  • Input their profile to obtain customized contents

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Flow 2 - Explore Recipes

• Variety of Recipes

• Customized Recommendation

• Diverse Filter

• Sorting

• Nutrition Information

• Shop List
• Online Shopping

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Flow 3 - Generate Meal Plan

• Flexible date& meal

• Pre-saved profile

• Nutrition information

• Summary


2 Round of Tests    |    8 Participants in totals

Before     |     After

13 Pro - 2.jpg
13 Pro - 12.jpg

Issue #1
Users do not recognize this app as a healthy eating guide for the entire family.


  1. Emphasize family healthy eating on the landing page and home page.

  2. Offer push of one-click meal plans created by others according to different diet habits.

Before     |     After

Frame 148.jpg
Frame 148 2.jpg

Issue #2
Information prioritization & visualization 


  1. Understood the content-level needs of users and optimized the visual effects.

  2. Put information in a simple and straightforward way to assist users to make decision. 

Before     |     After

 13 Pro - 54.jpg
 13 Pro - 55.jpg

Issue #3
Information confirmation 


  1. Confirm and clarify information with users to let them feel things are under control.

  2. Remind users again everything is customizable.

If I have more time

• Interviewing teenager to learn about their aspect of childhood obesity
• Incorporate physical excerises in the app to offer users with a more comprehensive experience.

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