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Lolita Fashion

Lolita Fashion Style Documentary Series Photography & Research, 2017

Exploring Lolita Fashion style is an interdisciplinary (arts and social sciences) project which embraces social practice, fashion design, and expression of personal identity. Lolita fashion style was originated in Japan in 1990s. This is a Victorian fashion with Rococo influence. The idea of this project is to use photography as a medium to explore how Lolita as a subculture that exemplifies personal identity and cultural fashion in the context of flow in globalization. This global (sub)cultural exchange has been facilitated by different channels of social media and different sets of personal / group networks. The photographs of Japanese and American Lolita documentary present their values, inspiration, social life and effect. It is a visual narrative of the culture and stories behind the expressive and expensive feminine dress. In addition, this project investigates the Lolita lifestyle pattern and social relationship to others by interviewing Lolita dressers and members of the society.

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