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Day Dream

Martin-Mullen Gallery Annex, 2017


DAY DREAM digitally manipulated photographs by Chumin Wu and Xiaoyi Zeng.  This is a true collaboration exhibition.  Chumin contributes black and white digital photographs of urban situations in which Xiao introduces digital color graphic images of humor and whimsy to add to the Day Dream experience of common everyday situations.

Whether we're dozing off on the train, falling asleep while waiting for the bus or wanting to pass out getting off out of a car, we always have something else we have to do or somewhere else we have to be. However, despite many dissatisfaction we face in reality, we all have dreams that push us forward.

In our project titled Day Dream, we explore the positive and negative space within photographs and fill them with dream-like subjects. The combination of black and white photographs depicting the mundane world, which grows more tiring and exhausting with each passing second, behind the colorful graphics on top, an entirely new experience is created. As the reality burdens our shoulders, our dreams allow us to express what we love and what hope for.

We wanted to integrate two different forms media to achieve unity and harmony, creating a blended world experience that gives people a sense of delight and hope. The photographs were already very interesting alone, but we wanted people to linger longer, to bring a new perspective to these seeming routine images.

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